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The Association of Faroese Composers is proudly hosting the annual ISCM World New Music Days from June 21st until July 1st 2024.

WNMD 2024 is placing contemporary music at the heart of the North Atlantic. The 11-day event will host over 80 acts, across several venues, bringing a celebration of contemporary music to the small archipelago nation.

The event will highlight new and cutting-edge compositions from the international membership of the ISCM  (International Society for Contemporary Music) and feature innovative works by Faroese composers and talents from the wider Nordic region.

The ISCM World New Music Days
The annual ISCM World (New) Music Days Festival is organized each year by a different host. The festival presents music from each of our members, showcasing the incredible diversity of musical practice in our time. To see the breadth of locations where this festival has taken place over the last century as well as the breadth of repertoire from around the world that has been performed on these festivals, please visit ISCMs pages devoted to previous festivals.

Programme and venues
This edition of the festival presents new and innovative works from across the international membership of the ISCM and a programme of more than eighty composers from all around the world and a broad selection of Faroese composers, performed by Faroese and Nordic ensembles, informal ensembles and collaborations and soloists. 

With individual concerts spread across the archipelago the festival will send audiences from the main concert venues in the capital of Tórshavn to village churches, a ravine, a cathedral, an undersea road tunnel (Eysturoyartunnilin), The Nordic House and many other spectacular and unique locations.


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