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Friday, 21 June 2024 jazz ensemble at Reinsaríið, downtown Tórshavn
Gary Daley (Australia, b. 1958) Hunger (2019) [9’] (submitted by the  ISCM Australian Section)

Saturday, 22 June 2024 at Havnar Kirkja (Tórshavn Cathedral)

George-Ioan Păiș (Romania, b.1994), Giant robots in a picnic basket for solo cello (2021) [6’] (submitted by the  ISCM Romanian Section)
Zoë Martlew (United Kingdom, b. 1968) G-lude for solo cello (with optional electronics) [8’]  (submitted by the ISCM British Section)

Eloise Gynn (United Kingdom, b. 1985) Quietening for solo cello [4’] (submitted by the ISCM Welsh Section)
Isabel Urrutia (Spain, b. 1967) Haziak for solo live cello and ensemble of digitalised acoustic folk instruments (2019)  [5’] (submitted by Musikagileak)

Saturday, 22 June 2024, string quartet concert at Rituvíkar Kirkja (Church of Rituvík)

Kenneth Li (Hong Kong, b. ) Singing Our Swan Song Of Serenity (Speaking of Satire) (2022) [5’] (submitted by the ISCM Hong Kong Section)   

Máté Bella (Hungary, b. 1985) AEOLUS (2021) [8’] (submitted by the ISCM Hungarian Section)   

Amy Brandon (Canada, b.1980) Lysis (2022) [9’] (submitted by the ISCM  Canadian Section)  

Filipe Lopes (Portugal, b. 1981) Clusia Rosea (2018) [9’] submitted by the ISCM Portuguese  Section)  
Caroline Bordignon (United Kingdom, b. 1993) Incandescence (2017) [5’] (individually submitted)

Saturday, 22 June 2024 at Hilton Hotel, Tórshavn

Olli Moilanen (Finland, b. 1987) Paralysis (2021) [7’] (submitted by the ISCM Finnish Section) 

Rūta Vitkauskaitė (Lithuania, b. 1984) Oracle of May Winds for any instrument or group (2021) [10’] (individually submitted)


Sunday, 23 June 2024, opening concert for chamber ensemble,  at the Nordic House, Tórshavn
Liu Huan (China, b. 1983) BEWEGENDE WOLKEN DES GESANGS (2022) [6’] (submitted by the ISCM Shanghai Section)

Martyna Kosecka (Norway, b. 1989) Ourobóros (2018) [11’] (submitted by the ISCM Norwegian Section)

Zhong Juncheng (China, b. 1954) Blast (2019) [7’] (submitted by the ISCM Nanning Section)

Kristupas Bubnelis (Lithuania, b. 1995) split seconds, shifting sand… (2023) [9’] (submitted by the ISCM Lithuanian Section)
Michal Wróblewski (Czech Republic, b. 1988) How to Avoid a Mental Breakdown (2020) [9’] (submitted by the Prague Spring Festival)
Ivan Buffa (Slovakia, b.1979) Identity (2017) [7’] (submitted by ISCM Slovak Section)

Sunday, 23-30 June, sound Installations on various locations in Tórshavn
Rosali Grankull (Sweden, b. 1984) Music for strings & silk (2022) (submitted by the ISCM Gotland Section)

Jesse Austin-Stewart (New Zealand, b.1996) Music for PlayStation (2022) (submitted by the ISCM New Zealand Section)

Heðin Ziska Davidsen (Faroe Islands, b. 1977) Ringar í Vatni (Rings in Water) 6 channel sound installation (2021) (submitted by the ISCM Faroe Islands Section)

Stéphanie Laforce (Belgium, b. 1980) EOLIEN-SONORE - The sound of the wind an audio-visual installation (2010) (submitted by the ISCM Wallonia-Brussels Federation Section)

Laura Puras (United States, b. 1982) Muted Tefillah interactive video (2018) (individually submitted)

Sunday, 23 June, music in nature on various locations in Tórshavn

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard (Denmark, b. 1979) Fatamorgana for alto recorder (2021) [22’] (individually submitted)

Kelvin King Fung Ng (United Kingdom, b. 1985) Brief Version of Seoljanggu - 0, I, II (2023) [8’] (individually submitted)

Sunday, 23 June at Tjóðpallur Føroya in Tórshavn

Charlotte Seither (Germany, b 1965) baff for vocal performer (2018) [7’] (submitted by the ISCM German Section)

Chiu‐Yu CHOU (Taiwan, b. 1981) Ocean‧Sailing for voice, cello and piano (2021) [6’] (submitted by the ISCM TAIPEI Section)

Amble Skuse (United Kingdom, b. 1977) Chapels with Splendid Glass Windows for string quartet and (2019) [6’] (submitted by the Scottish Music Centre Section)
Arnannguaq Gerstrøm (Greenland, 1977) new composition for string quartet and voice (World New Music Days Faroe Islands and Nordic Music Days Scotland commission)

Sunday, 23 June, concert with Yggdrasil at Reinsaríið in downtown Tórshavn
Faroese jazz ensemble Yggdrasil performs music from Africa, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Sápmi and more.

Monday, 24 June, The Nordic House in Tórshavn

Victoria Kelly (New Zealand, b. 1973) Lyre for violin, cello and piano (2023) [10’](submitted by the ISCM New Zealand Section)

Marianna Liik (Estonia, b. 1992) Out of breath for violin cello and electronics (2018) [7’] (submitted by the ISCM Estonian Section)

Seitaro Shibata (Japan, b. 1990) A letter from grandchild for clarinet and piano (2023 ) [4’] (submitted by the ISCM JFC, Japan Federation of Composers Section)
Svetlana Savić (Serbia, b. 1971) Tempo variabile for clarinet, violin and piano (2018) [5’] (submitted by the ISCM Serbian Section)  

Per Nørgaard (Denmark, b. 1932) Within The Fairy Ring And Out Of It  for solo clarinet (1999) [6’] (ISCM Honorary Member since 1995)
Bjarni Blaasvær (Faroe Islands, b. 2001) La Follia for violin, cello and piano (2019)


Monday, 24 June, string chamber ensemble concert at Hátun in Tórshavn
Eric Egan (Norway, b. 1983) in some or other Oasis | (i en eller annen Oase) (2014 rev. 2023)  [9’] (submitted by the ISCM Irish Section)

Raimonda Žiūkaitė (Lithuania, b. 1991) 1000 Mouths (2020) [10] (submitted by the ISCM Lithuanian Section)

Maciej Kabza (Poland, b. 1990) The Infinity Mirror II for string orchestra (2022) [9’] (submitted by the ISCM Polish Section)

Carlos Brito Dias (Portugal, b. 1991) was birgst du so bang dein Gesicht? (2019) [11’] (submitted by the ISCM Portuguese Section)

Natasha Bogojevic (Serbia, 1965) Dissolvenza (2016) [7’] (submitted by the ISCM Serbian Section)
Pauli í Sandagerði (Faroe Islands, b. 1955) Vel op før dag (2005) 


Monday, 24 June, piano concert at Listasavnið á Sandi (Sandur Art Gallery) in Sandur town on the island of Sandoy

Chesney Palmer (South Africa, b. 1996) Reflections of South Africa (submitted by the ISCM South Africa Section)  


Tuesday, 25 June, electronic works at the Nordic House in Tórshavn

Dimitris Bakas (Greece, b. 1975) Apophatic Spectralism X for soprano and tape (2021) [9’] (submitted by the ISCM Greek Section)

Alexander Tillegreen (Denmark, b. 1991) Phantom Streams (in 5 movments zyklus I) for 6 channels (2020) [10’] (submitted by the ISCM Danish Section)

Anuj Bhutani (United States, b. 1995) east wind melts the ice for solo soprano + multitrack (2021) [6’] (submitted by Florida International University)

Bekah Simms (United Kingdom, b. 1990) Jubilant Phantoms for accordion and just-intonation virtual accordion (2021) [8’] (individually submitted)

Libby Fabricatore (United States, b. 1975) Midnight Observations At Central Sound Buoy for two-channel fixed media (2022) [4’] (individually submitted)

Tuesday, 25 June, works for large chamber orchestra at the Nordic House in Tórshavn

Janco Verduin (Netherlands, b. 1972) korenveld met kraaien (wheatfield with crows) (2023) [7’] (submitted by the ISCM Netherlands Section)

Haimoni Balgava (Slovakia. b. 1994) Carpathian timbre (2021) [6’] (submitted by Music Centre Slovakia)

Tom Irvine (United Kingdom, b. 1990) Cardboard (2022) [8’] (submitted by Scottish Music Centre)

Victoria Frances Young (United States, b. 2000) Piano Concerto (2022) [11’] (individually submitted)

Kristian Blak (Faroe Islands, b. 1947) úr Holminum (1995) [10’] 

Sunleif Rasmussen (Faroe Islands b. 1961) Chorals and Dances [8’]

Tuesday, 25 June, at Blábar in downtown Tórshavn

Lauren Sarah Hayes (United States) The Accusations That Are Confessions for live electronics (2023) [23’] (submitted by Florida International University)

Andreja Andric (Denmark, b. 1973) Concert for Smartphone Network (2020) [10’] (individually submitted)

Annie Aries (Switzerland, b. 1988) It's Not Quiet In The Void for custom modular synthesizer (2023) [18’] (individually submitted)

Wednesday, 26 June, at Funningur Kirkja

Do Hong Quan (Việt Nam, b. 1956) The Sounds of the Jungle for 3 Flautists (2014) [5’] (submitted by Vietnam Contemporary Music Centre (VCMC))

Wednesday, 26 June, at Blábar downtown Tórshavn

Boris Jakopović (Croatia, b. 1980) Alliages II (previously performed, dedicated to cellist Vid Veljak) for cello and electronics (2021) [7’] (submitted by the ISCM Croatian Section)
Annelies Van Parys (Belgium, b. 1975) Shades of Light for violoncello and electronics (2022) [14’] (initially submitted by the ISCM Flemish Section and chosen for the 2022 edition of WNMD)
James O’Callaghan (Canada, b. 1988) Hair’s breadth for amplified solo bowed string instrument and electronics (2022) [5'-8'] (ISCM Young Composer Award 2017)

Thursday, 27 June, at the Nordic House in Tórshavn

Gísli Magnússon (Iceland, b. 1988) Kvöldtónar five short movements for pianoforte (2022) [10’] (submitted by the ISCM Icelandic Section)
Frederik Croene (Belgium, b. 1973) Turin Horse (2021) [8’] (submitted by the ISCM Flemish Section)

Thursday, 27 June, organ solo concert at Fuglafjarðar Kirkja (Church of Fuglafjørður)

Ana Szilágyi (Romania, b. 1971) Das Wiedersehen/The Review (2020) [8’] (submitted by Arfa)

Samuel Hvozdík (Slovakia, b. 1993) Magma (2021) [6’] (submitted by ISCM Slovak Section)
Kristian Blak (Faroe Islands, b. 1947) Qaanaaq

Thursday, 27 June, concert for jazz ensemble at Blábar in downtown Tórshavn

Francis Heery (Germany, b. 1980) Towards A Soteriological Theory Of Bog Bodies affective-

notation (2023) [10’] (submitted by the ISCM Irish Section)

Gerhard Praesent (Austria, b. 1957) B-Suite (2019) [11’] (individually submitted)

Friday, 28 June, fixed electronics concert at The Nordic House in Tórshavn

Jenny Hettne (Sweden, b. 1977) Rop, Böljande (Calling, undulating) for swedish horn and electronics (2019)  [8’] (submitted by the ISCM Gotland Section)

Mikako Mizuno (Japan, b. 1958) Time of Laodamia for trumpet, piano and 4 channel speaker system (2023) [11’]  (submitted by the ISCM Japanese Section)

Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela (Spain, b. 1980) <41> (2 performers) for apprehension engines and electronics (2021) [12’] (submitted by the ISCM Spanish Section)

Friday, 28 June, large ensemble concert at Varpið in Klaksvík on the island of Borðoy
LIU Qiqi (China, b. 1983) MEET-II (2022) [10’] (submitted by the ISCM Chengdu Section)

Tryggvi Þór Pétursson (Iceland, b. 1995) Lífsprettur (2023) [9’] (submitted by the ISCM Icelandic Section)

Jordan Nobles (Canada, b. 1969) Chiaroscuro (2020) [8’-10’] (individually submitted)


Saturday 29 June, solo organ concert at Havnar Kirkja (Tórshavn Cathedral) in Tórshavn
Indra Riše (Latvia, b. 1961) Procession with Bells (2019) [5’] (submitted by the ISCM Latvian Section)

Louis Karchin (United States, b. 1951) Processions (2020) [6’] (submitted by the ISCM USA Section)

S. Andrew Lloyd (United States, b. 1979) Étude 7 (2019) [4’] (submitted by Stephen F. Austin State University)

Saturday 29 June, choir concert at Aulan í Finsen (Concert hall at former municipality school)

Mette Nielsen (Denmark, 1985) Tidlig solopgang (Early sunrise) (2022) [7’] (submitted by the ISCM Danish Section)
Levente Gyöngyösi (Hungary b. 1975) Beati mundo corde (2022) [4’] (submitted by the ISCM Hungarian Section)

Tsung- Jen Hsieh (Taiwan, b. 1981) Cantate Domino (2023) [6’] (submitted by the ISCM Taipei Section)
Rhona Clarke (Ireland, b. 1958) O Vis Aeternitatis (2020) [6’] (submitted by the ISCM Irish Section)

Sarah Rimkus (United States, b. 1990) Mater Dei (2016) [5’] (submitted by Michigan Technological University)    

James Robertson (United Kingdom, b. 1959) I CAN'T BREATHE (2023) [4’] (individually submitted)
Kaija Saariaho (Finland, b. 1952- d. 2023) Tag des Jahrs (2001) [12’] (ISCM Honorary Member since 2012)
Kári Bæk (Faroe Islands, b. 1950) Videmus nunc per speculum, Laudate Dominum (2021) [4’]    


Saturday 29 June, percussion concert at Hátun in Tórshavn
David Biedenbender (United States, b. 1984) Ferrum for percussion quartet (2017) [7’] (submitted by Michigan Technological University   

Olof Cornéer (Sweden, b. 1975) Three sisters for solo percussion (2021) [15’] (submitted by the  ISCM Gotland Section)
Manuel Zwerger (Austria, b.  1992) OHNE TITEL for percussion quartet (2021) [6’] (submitted by the ISCM Austrian Section)

Laura Manolache (Romania, b. 1959) Colour Combinations for percussion (2019) [8’] (submitted by Arfa)

Leandro A. Martin (Spain, b.  1974) ARTISTN for 1 marimba and two players (2015) [4’] (submtted by COSIMTE)


Sunday 30 June, string quartet concert at SALT Culture Centre on the Island of Suðuroy
MAO Zhu (China, b. 1981) The Island for String Quartet (2018) [11’] (submitted by the ISCM Chengdu Section)

Eli Tausen á Lava (Faroe Islands, 1997) Múrurin (2023)[8’] (submitted by the ISCM Faroese Section)

Yfat Soul Zisso (Israel, b. 1987) Together alone (2019) [5 ‘] (submitted by the ISCM Israeli Section)
Ig Henneman (Netherlands, b. 1945) Outside the Rain has Stopped (2021) [10’] (submitted by the ISCM Netherlands Section)

Tomaž Svete (Slovenia, b. 1956) Bourgeons pour quattuor des cordes (2023) [6’] (submitted by the ISCM Slovenian Section)

Harry Crowl (Brazil, 1958) String Quartet no.4, Uma qualquer esperança (Just any hope) (2021) [15’] (submitted individually)
Dario Buccino (Italy, 1968) Mi nasco. Per lamiera HN. Nº 1 for steel sheet (2023) [10’] (individually submitted)   

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